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In the hope of each production stage becoming
a vessel for realizing a recycle-oriented society.

At Chiyoda Ute, more than 50% of our current production activity takes place with recycled material.
We aim for zero plant emissions through recycling, using byproduct gypsum for the core, recycled paper for the paper facing, and wood chips produced from recycled wood from demolished houses as fuel for use during the manufacturing process. We also work on recycling of waste gypsum boards. We promote recycling in all aspects of gypsum board production, as well as at building construction and demolition sites. We also take pride in contributing to the protection of forests by replacing wood construction material with gypsum boards. In this day and age, where a recycle-oriented society is absolutely necessary to conserve global resources, the social responsibility of gypsum board manufacturing businesses is to establish a recycling system for the various stages of production, thereby contributing to environmental protection. We will continue to exert our efforts in protecting the global environment.