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JIS for Gypsum Board

Background on Specification Revisions

1994 The conventional 5 published specifications for gypsum boards are integrated as JIS A 6901 Gypsum Board. Sound deadening gypsum board with pores (GB-P) was subsumed within the JIS A 6301 Sound Absorbing Materials.
1997 In order to make JIS A 6901 Gypsum Board conform to the global International Quality Standards, aimed to align with ISO 6308:01908 (Gypsum Plaster board-Specification). The former non-combustible gypsum laminated board is added as a JIS Certified product, non-combustible laminated gypsum board (GB-NC).
2005 Hard gypsum board (GB-*-H), moisture absorption-desorption gypsum board (GB-*-Hc), structural gypsum board (GB-St) were added to the JIS A 6901 Gypsum Board.
Note) The letters R, S, or D is inserted in place of asterisk depending on the type of gypsum board.
2014 To improve the reliability of fire performance, the lower limit for "thickness" has been raised, also "mass per unit area" and "specific gravity" has been normalized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Categories and Codes of Gypsum
Board Regulated by JIS

Category Code Note
Gypsum Board GB-R Standard gypsum board.
Gypsum Sheathing Board GB-S Featuring water repellant paper facings and core.
Reinforced Gypsum Board GB-F GB-R with inorganic fiber mixed into the core.
Gypsum Lath Board GB-L GB-R with oblong pores on the surface.
Decorated Gypsum Board GB-D GB-R with decorated surface.
Non-combustible Laminated Gypsum Board GB-NC GB with non-combustible face paper. or boards with decoration.
Non-combustible Laminated Gypsum Board GB-P A sound absorbing material specified by JIS A 6301.
Regular Hard-type Gypsum Board GB-R-H Gypsum boards with about 1.2 times or higher impact resistance than GB-F and about 1.3 times or higher flexural fracture load than GB-R.
Humidity Controlling Gypsum Board GB-R-Hc
Gypsum boards that have an equivalent performance to GB-R and GB-D but have enhanced moisture absorption and desorption performances.
Structural Gypsum Board A Type GB-St-A Gypsum boards that have an equivalent performance to GB-F but have enhanced lateral nail resistance, which will be the standard for categorizing Type A and Type B.
B Type GB-St-B