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RECYCLE & Reproduction

Effective Reutilization of Gypsum Board

Reutilization Work Items

Work items Company in charge
Exchange of agreements Construction companies (emitting company) - Chiyoda Ute (recycling firm)
Housing production companies (emitting company) - Chiyoda Ute (recycling firm)
Exchange of MOU Construction companies - Contractors - Chiyoda Ute
Housing production companies - Chiyoda Ute
(up to 4 companies may be involved, including collection and transport contractors per each construction site)
Gypsum board delivery Chiyoda Ute
Installation Construction companies - Contractors
Housing production companies - Contractors
Separation and collection
of scrap gypsum board
Construction companies - Contractors
Housing production companies - Contractors
(prevention of extraneous material mixing and water leakage)
Transport of scrap
gypsum board
Industrial waste collection and transport contractors
Designated carriers (Chiyoda Ute)
(advance notice/ issuance of manifest)
Receiving scrap gypsum
Chiyoda Ute
(carry-in hours: 9:00~12:00, 13:00~16:00 weekdays)
Reutilization Chiyoda Ute
(reuse of gypsum / paper treatment / request for treatment cost)

Waste Gypsum Board Treatment Flow Chart

There are two ways to treat waste materials.

Waste Gypsum Board Treatment Flow Chart

Waste Gypsum Board Treatment Flow Chart

1. Recycling Plants

Muroran Plant
Sakimori-cyo389-12,Muroran City, Hokkaido TEL 0143-59-1100
Chiba Plant
12 Kitasode, Sodegaura City, Chiba TEL +81-438-63-2511
Yokkaichi Plant
928 Takamatasu, Kawagoe-cho, Mie-gun, Mie TEL +81-59-363-5563
Kaizuka Plant
16-1 Minato, Kaizuka City, Osaka TEL +81-72-431-5211
Okayama Plant
6-9-1 Tai, Tamano City, Okayama TEL +81-863-32-3551
Shimonoseki Plant
7-1-1 Hikoshima-sakomachi, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi TEL +81-83-267-6464

2. Recyclable Items

Gypsum board products manufactured by Chiyoda Ute

3. Unrecyclable Items

  • • Scrap gypsum board containing extraneous matter (other substrates, metal, cement, rock, sand, soil, wood, paper, cloth, wrapping material, rubber, vinyl, plastic, trash, and other matters with particular caution required for plate shaped construction material.)
  • • Items containing metal such as screws, staples, and nails
  • • Items with bonding material attached
  • • Items with wood, plastic, and vinyl attached
  • • Composite gypsum boards (damping board, styro, urethane, lead, and etc.)
  • • Items with water stains and oil spots
  • • Decorated gypsum boards with cross-pieces (HIT Ceiling, ESTEN)
  • • Gypsum board products by other manufacturer

4. Items Containing Extraneous Matter

  • • As a rule, we will not accept such items.
  • • If we find that items brought to us containing extraneous matter, we will contact you.