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Management Greetings

Chiyoda Ute Co., Ltd. is comprised of a group of 17 subsidiaries and 2 affiliate companies, in which are focused on cultivating a corporate culture where “health and environment” are central themes. We have achieved this through the cultivation of proprietary technology (unique technology) resulting in the development of non-combustible building materials, specializing in gypsum board production.
In the spring of 2016, we had established a Tokyo Regional Office, which has integrated our market development division and also our Tokyo Branch Office to enhance the mutual cooperation, and also to help develop our customer relationship in the area, but also expand more into the metropolitan area. Furthermore, established a marketing department as a new organization, and establish Chiyoda brand strengths such as technological expertise, penetrating into the market but also internally.
In addition, to promote the enhancement of gypsum board business, which is our core business, we have a core theme which is “quality that does not lose to our competitor.” Now, because it is important to expand the business to other related areas such as calcium silicate boards, steel studs, glass wool, as well as environment-related business as a whole. This environmentally conscious mindset created a company that the customer trusts. Taking it a step further, the company is respected not only by customers, but also by officers and employees so they will push forward as an united whole.
Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

Haruhisa Hirata

Management Philosophy

Basic Principles

  • 1. Respect for Human Rights

    For selling partners, suppliers, and employees to act with dignity and basic human rights of all people.

  • 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    You should comply with all laws and regulations, and take actions to conform to the correct sense of ethics.

  • 3. Consideration of the Environment

    In promoting business, it is important to be fully aware of the environment and to protect.

Code of Conduct

1. Obtain the Trust of Customers
We strive to provide the highest quality products and services, while obtaining trust and customer satisfaction.
2. Prohibition for Private Use of Company Assets
Company property (tangible and intangible assets) is properly managed; it does not make use of non-business purposes, such as private use.
3. Prohibition of Illegal and Unjust Acts
1.The company officers and employees, take correct judgment and moderation on actions, so as not to be subject to misunderstanding and disgraceful evaluation from society.
2.The company does not do deviant entertainment and gift-giving donations the sound business practices and social common sense. In addition, the political and administrative keep a healthy and normal relationship.
3.The company will strive to maintain a healthy relationship and cherish the trust relationship with suppliers, partners, etc. in moderation.
4. Fair Business Competition
We, in all of our transactions, comply with relevant laws and regulations of the free competition, to carry out fair and transparent dealings. Also, do not act to inhibit the fair and free competition.
5. Blocking Relationships with Anti-Social Forces
We, the individuals and organizations that are with anti-social forces that adversely affect the healthy activity of social order and companies related do not have a relationship at all.
6. Management of Information
1.Corporate information of the company and business partners are properly managed, it is disclosed information and no leakage to outside without permission of the company, and cannot use information for non-business purposes.
2.The company will respect the privacy of individuals, and personal information. We pay careful and close attention, and will strive for proper management.
7. Prohibition of Personal Profit
1.Provisions of personal interests and convenience using duties and authority is not allowed.
2.Stock trading using non-public information obtained in the course of business is not to be done.
8. Healthy Work Environment
1.The company always respects human rights, supports to create a healthy environment free from acts that lead to discrimination.
2.The company is in compliance with the laws and regulations related to safety and health of the business. We will strive to develop a safe a hygienic work environment.
9. Environmental Protection
Of the company’s environmental problems, recognizing that it is the most important condition for the existence and activities of the company, and act spontaneously and actively.